Salsa, bachata...
  • Belly Dance, Bollywood...
  • Pole dance, burlesque...
  • Salsa, bachata...
  • Cheerleaders...
  • Flamenco...
  • Hip Hop, Twerk, Zumba...

Dance Class

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  • The perfect chance to learn some new moves!
  • 1 hour of themed dancing
  • Professional instructor
  • Private venue

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  • 250 char. max
  • 250 char. max

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Pick Up Some Spicy Moves in Spain!
When you and your friends get together, singing and dancing is definitely in order! What better time to learn some new moves all together at the same time, which you can then use on another night of your stay in Barcelona?!
Definitely check out these dancing classes, where you can choose from a huge variety of styles.
For example you can choose to learn sensual Spanish salsa and flamenco dancing (what better place?), some naughty pole and burlesque dancing, or zumba and hip hop! Those are just a few - you can find the full list here: 

  • Salsa / Flamenco / Sexy Pole Dance / Sexy Burlesque / Belly Dancing / Twerk / Cheerleading / Bollywood / Zumba