DiscoverBarcelona is an affiliate of Spanishbreak and one of the brands of OYDE S.L. As such, we are a Spanish company working in the travel and events industry for over 20 years.

With Spanish break, we provide services and activities directly to our customers and through European partnerships. The goal of DiscoverBarcelona is to branch out into the United States market to help Americans get the most out of their visit to Barcelona. Our unique offers provide both daytime and nighttime activities, so you truly get to experience everything Barcelona has to offer. 

Jorge Fernández


Barcelona is opportunity, Barcelona is possibilities, Barcelona fills me with absolute Passion. It’s hard not to be infected by the enthusiasm visitors have for this city, even as a local I do not take for granted the fact that I have at my doorstep, what other travel thousands of miles to be able to experience.

Hamada Nedjari

Operations Manager

I work tirelessly to ensure your visit to Barcelona goes smoothly. Magical streets, the golden sand of endless beaches, majestic mountains, and the hustling and bustling parties are just a few of the reasons I love Barcelona and why it remains home. 

Miguel Sánchez

IT Manager

I love the feeling of being able to go to the beach in 10 minutes with the subway or bus, or even walking. Have a drink at a 'chiringuito' and swim on one of Barcelona's beaches. I especially recommend the 'Mar Bella' in Poblenou.


US Interns 

In the summer of 2022, we joined forces with API,  a U.S.-based study abroad program that allows students to gain international experiential learning through internships. With the help of four interns, OYDE began this project, expanding into the U.S. market. Caroline Mace, Brett Sutcliffe, Sydney Biggerstaff, and Jordan Blank were instrumental in the development and launch of DiscoverBarcelona by SpanishBreak. The team worked together to build, price, and market the package options listed on this website and launch the site to the public. As interns abroad, they gained insight and knowledge into the global business market while providing substantial work to help bolster the success of OYDE, SL, SpanishBreak, and DiscoverBarcelona.